Spiritual Warrior Training

Spiritual Warrior Training

Awaken Your Limitless Potential

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As spiritual warriors, we are on the journey of Self-discovery, awakening to our own inner divinity and recognizing more and more that we are not separate and alone. We come to know ourselves as the immensely powerful, courageous beings we truly are. We know we are deeply loved, worthy of love and capable of sharing our love. We learn to recognize we have everything we need inside of us to succeed in life, to find meaning and purpose and thrive amidst change.

Spiritual awakening happens while we live and work in the world. When we realize this, we take on the life of a spiritual warrior:

  • Committed to the path of love
  • Bearing witness to life in a non-reactive way
  • Cultivating balance and inner peace, no matter the circumstance
  • Living in integrity—applying the principles of impeccability to life
  • Taking responsibility for caring for oneself and serving others
  • Lifelong learning to develop courage and heart strength
  • Supported by Spirit in overcoming behaviors motivated by survival and fear
  • Having a wider vision and a complete reverence for every facet of life.

The Spiritual Warrior Training course offers you a new way forward:

  • A series of perceptual doorways, which prepare you to live in a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness
  • Each doorway is a spiritual principle, opening your awareness to a more expanded experience of reality
  • Tools for in-depth transformation: methods of processing consciousness, lifting your awareness beyond the limitations of ego to a new level of love, balance and clarity
  • Overall, the training translates your new perceptions into practical, workable ways of living and livelihood that take your transformation into the world.

We Have Everything We Need Inside of Us
Spiritual Awakening Happens While We Live and Work in the World
The Spiritual Warrior Course Offers You a New Way Forward
Our Promise to You

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