Enhanced Self-Discovery


Brad Laughlin

The Path of the Teacher

A teacher is someone who, through example, inspires others to change their lives. Teaching means any way in which Spirit may guide someone to express spiritual truth. There are many ways to serve and communicate higher knowledge, and each person is supported on his or her own unique path and individual calling. This course is intended for those souls who feel driven by an inner fire to awaken and to serve Spirit and humanity in some capacity. It is a training to live in complete integrity and balance and involves a deep commitment to dissolve into the Self.

Enhanced Self-Discovery prepares you to live in the world in a highly functional way while incorporating the wisdom of the transcendent states—subtle realms of existence not normally available to the limited ego. This multi-dimensional training will open and vastly expand your awareness and give you an in-depth introduction to the many, varied fields of knowledge associated with spiritual development. It offers powerful tools for major life transformation.

Each person receives from the course as much as they are willing to put into it. Making the commitment to one’s own spiritual growth is the most valuable and important decision one can make in life.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”
-Lao Tsu

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