Spiritual Core Balancing


Brad Laughlin

Embody Higher Consciousness

When you align completely with worldly motivations, you feel cut off from the Source—a very painful experience. In truth, the fulfillment you are looking for is not outside; it is inside. Paradoxically, when you align spiritually, by making awakening your priority, you discover inner fulfillment. Then you are able to access true joy and gratification in worldly experiences, such as in relationships and with material abundance.

Raising your own consciousness is the most effective and powerful way to achieve all of your most cherished goals:

  • Finding wholeness and fulfillment—spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Having a greater sense of well-being and peace in your day-to-day life
  • Connecting more deeply with love, inner wisdom and your highest spiritual Self
  • Helping to heal the planet at this critical juncture in humanity’s evolution

Whether you want to improve your life, help the Earth, or attain complete liberation from egoic constructs through enlightenment, the Spiritual Alignment course will help you raise your consciousness and prepare you to enter samadhi—a state of conscious connection to Source and to the Oneness that we all are.

This course is an invitation to:

  • Discover your own limitless potential
  • Achieve wholeness and fulfillment
  • Develop strengths you didn’t know were possible
  • Open up to new dimensions of consciousness.

Using timeless spiritual principles and ancient truth teachings, reinterpreted for the modern, material world, this course offers tools, guidance and inspiration to assist you on your path of Self-discovery.

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