Waking the Yin Warrior


Brad Laughlin

A Guide to Love in Action

  • Would you dare to choose a life defined by love?
  • Are you called to evolve beyond the roles of victim and tyrant?
  • Is it time for you to replace meaningless intensity with balanced purpose?

Humanity is at the turning of a Great Age. We are moving from a patriarchal paradigm into a new paradigm of heart-centeredness and love. For millennia, the accelerating domination of masculine over feminine energy has brought us to where we are now: on the brink of collapse.

Now, more than ever, we are all receiving a universal invitation to return to wholeness, to live in love and to balance the yin and yang within us. A new archetype is emerging to help us navigate this path, personally and collectively—the Yin Warrior.

A New Era Requires a New Kind of Hero

Balanced between yin and yang, a Yin Warrior is anyone—man or woman—who is on a conscious journey of finding inner balance and of opening the heart, yet it goes beyond that. It challenges stereotypical beliefs about gender roles and what it means to be a man or woman who honors, protects and nurtures the feminine—or yin—side.


Both men and women on the path of Self-discovery are learning to balance and integrate yin and yang; however, the Yin Warrior uses yang energy in support of the yin principle to create love in the world.

This turns millennia of tradition on its head.

Becoming a Yin Warrior is about putting love into action. Yin Warriors choose to serve the Earth, others, animals or the environment with an open, loving heart.

I invite you to join me: Awaken to your Yin Warrior and step fully into your power to love! Together we will watch the world transform.

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